I am looking for the complete financial records of Murray-Calloway County Hospital detailing where the $ goes

Murray-Calloway County Hospital is a non-profit

hospital. It's fiscal year ends 09/30/06. I have been able to locate the raw financial numbers for the fiscal year of 09/30/05 showing gross revenue and net income, but not a breakdown of how that net income is being reported. For example how much the CEO is paid and the board of trustees salaries. Also if revenue is left where does it go? The hospital has a gain sharing

program which would be known in corporate America as profit sharing even though this is a non-profit hospital. The criteria for distribution of gain sharing is based on budgets being met by all members of management, or in other words the more under budget departments are the greater the gain sharing. I found a website to provide such info at a cost of $395.00 membership fee which I cannot afford. Surely there must be some type of regulation requiring

public disclosure of how the money is being spent from a tax exempt organization. Please help,Yhank you;

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    You can contact the IRS. There are some helpful guys handling the calls and they can surely point you to the right directio. Besides, they are the ones that extend the non-profit "title" and recently have been cracking down on organizations that abuse the exemption.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Go to the local legal aid society, who, for no or minimal fee, will help guide you through a legal open records request.

    Or you can try and get the local media interested in doing so, and exposing the entire shenanigans.

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