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anyone lived in england but moved to america?

i live in liverpool in england and my boyfriend of 4 years has always wanted to move away to america. recently he keeps mentioning it to me and says soon he would like to make things final,. hes soo desperate to move and im not sure about the whole thing.he wants me to go with him and i think i will decide to go to keep him happy.i was just wondering has anyone who has lived in the uk and moved away been happier when they moved. do you think im doing the right think to move . and is america better than the uk

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    I understand relationships are about sacrifice, but I think you're right to look into this a little bit further before making a final decision. I don't think that you should make such a big life choice just to make him happy. I've never been to England, so I can't compare the two for you. I wish you the best of luck.

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    You can go with him and see and if you don't like it you can come home whenever you want.England or USA?-that depends from a person to person.You must go and choose only by yourself.

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