i need a weed killer that is animal and plant friendly?

i have a garden full of weeds i want to be able to kill all the weeds and still have healthy animals and veggies

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Ahhhhhh....now your speaking my language. Get a spray bottle and fill it nearly full of vinegar and top it off with liquid dish soap. Shake it lightly for a moderate mix but not to a foam. The vinegar will kill the weeds and the soap helps it stick to the stuff you want to kill and not let it run everywhere. TRY IT CAUSE IT WORKS!

    Source(s): Paul James, HGTV
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  • 1 decade ago

    If you have no veggies planted yet, spray straight white vinegar (because it's the cheapest) on the weeds Don't use a lot or else your soil will become too acidic. If you have plants that you want to keep, either pull the weeds out or paint each weed with the vinegar. I have found out by trying different methods that pulling all the weeds and then putting down mulch is the best way to control weeds. When weeds do grow back, there won't be so many of them, and they will be easier to pull out. I put down 2 inches of pine bark wood chips onto the soil. You have to put compostables, such as vegetable peelings or grass clippings, or a moderately generous sprinkling of granular fertilizer, down first so that the wood chips or other mulch doesn't use up all the nitrogen in the soil when it is decomposing. I have never been able to get out of pulling weeds. That's just something gardeners have to do. Another idea: if your garden is nothing but weeds, weigh down several sheets of newspaper with rocks or lumber wherever there are weeds and wait. The weeds will die and you will be able to keep ahead of them after that. I don't use poison because soil with lots of little bugs and worms is more healthful for the plant and makes your plants thrive. Good luck!

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