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usb ports not responding?

I have a compaq presario computer recently given to me by a friend. It has windows 95 on it. It has usb ports but does not respond when a flash disk is attached and I see no listing for it in the control panel. How do i get it to work?

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    USB was not around when Windows 95 was released, and as such Windows 95 only has very limitied support for USB devices. Even later copies of Windows 95 only have a USB Supplement which attempts to add USB functionality.

    The first thing you must do to enable USB in Win95 is to determine which version of the operating system you are using. Please Note that the original or first version of Windows 95 including the update and version A, is NOT capable of USB connectivity. There is NO update for these versions of Win95 that can provide USB support. Win95 versions B & C have limited USB functionality. The first Microsoft operating system to fully support USB is Win98 first edition.

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    Worst case senario is what i'm assuming in this submit. i exchange into utilising homestead windows 2000 with the NTFS document device. seems such as you have a nasty port-to-motherboard connection. neglect utilising those ports they are efficiently ineffective. it somewhat is an early warning call of motherboard failure I say you may get 8-10 extra months in case you luck out yet in the mean time i'd bypass paying for for a sparkling device sorry although that's extra low-fee to purchase new than fix the old one whilst it includes the challenge you're having. the challenge you have is failing motherboard solder factors that connect the port for that reason the intergrated usb card to the motherbourd has failed.

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    did your flash disk's "L E D" lit up when you plug it in?

    if the LED that indicate the power up status not showing then u might had your USB port disabled in your bios, try acessing your bios setting and enable the USB port.

    If the LED light is on but you couldn't detect the hardware, then you might have a obselete Operating system that need upgrade.

    windows 95 is a very old operating system and it does not goes very well with Plug and play device. try updating it or have it upgrade with windows 98 or ME and have the latest update. it should fix the problem.

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    not too sure, but don't u have to install the correct drivers for both of them, because i have a "DELL" and when i first got it i had to install the drivers for every thing including "USB"

    Universal Serial Bus

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    Not sure about a flash disc but maybe you should install the software for it. IDK

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