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does anyone know of a universal instant messanger besides trillian?

trillian is slow and not working for me. anyone know of a better one?

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  • corl
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    4 years ago

    AOL purpose(there is likewise comparable one by making use of microsoft which isn't as customary callled MSN Messenger and there one with yahoo)= a million) person-friendly to be conscious 2) very customary so somewhat some human beings you recognize must be on it 3) stable information sharing capiblityies alongside with direct connect and checklist sending XFIRE= a million)helps you talk with firends mutually as enjoying video games effectively(little or no to no in interest lag) 2)allows you to comprehend what video games you firends are enjoying 3)helps you and your pals to maintain a online video games achieved/hours profile. 3)allows you to artwork out what video games/hours of firends of chum mIRC= a million)frequently for sharing information 2)not lots for talking yet you are able to seek for suggestion from human beings in chat rooms(its somewhat not person-friendly if are new) 3)Very helpful large information bypass My suggestion is that in case you new and easily pick to be conscious this for pals bypass with AOL purpose once you evaluate that somewhat some human beings use it. And, for each individual of those you have a pal checklist and can upload extra.

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