Any good light laptops out there?

I am looking for a laptop that is less than 5 pound. It could

be 11" or so or could be much smaller like one of

the sony model. I also need it to have a slot for the new

smaller express air card from Version. Is there anything

good out there now or coming out?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    ThinkPad X Series is probably what you want

    The thinnest and lightest 12" convertible tablet available

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    verify out HP Folio 13-1020US it rather is sturdy. once you open the lid there are no longer any creaking sounds. whilst carry it one hand that's easy and balanced. provide it some shakes -- there is in basic terms silence. No indication of any shifting factors, or loose screws or something this is function of early twenty first century laptop technologies. Wow. The psychological state this places me into is equivalent to an iPad, different than you the soundness is extra weighted in the direction of artwork, as antagonistic to entertainment. that's easy-weight, somewhat shockproof and you experience such as you could toss it around somewhat. you could take with you everywhere and whip it out and do cool issues with it.

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