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How long should I roast TWO (2) 15lb. Turkeys, Side by side in separate roasting pans?

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    2 - 3 hours @ 325 degrees. Until internal temp is 160 degrees.

    To measure the internal temperature of the turkey, insert a thermometer through the thickest part of the breast to the bone.

    Times are for unstuffed birds. A stuffed bird may cook at the same rate as an unstuffed one; however, be prepared to allow 30 to 50 minutes more. While turkeys take about the same time to roast in regular and convection heat, a convection oven does a better job of browning the bird all over. When you remove the turkey legs, if you find that the meat around the thigh joint is still too pink, cut the drumsticks from the thighs and put thighs in a shallow pan in a 450° oven until no longer pink, 10 to 15 minutes.

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    I would guess the same amount of time it would take to roast one 15 pound turkey if its in the same oven. But if you're using 2 different ovens then check the package and see what it says for a roasting time difference in the type of oven ur using... In the same oven, side by side just different pans same time even if the pans are not the same..

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    Preheat oven to 325degrees and loosely cover with foil after about 31/2

    hours remove foil to let turkey brown it should be done after about 4 hours

    in the oven. If you have a conduction(no fan) oven you should rotate your turkey so it cooks evenly back to front and side to side. If you have a

    convection oven no need to rotate. Turkeys w/a pop-up timer could take

    the guess work out of cooking. Bon appetit!

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    unstuffed at 325 degrees covered roaster pans.. maybe 4 to five hours.. check it after 3 hours and see if the meat is starting 2 pull away from the leg bone.. stuffed will maybe take a hour longer.. i put home made stuffing on top of the bird, so the stuffing will brown : )

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