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Is there a video on how to use marcel curling irons?

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    I don't know of any videos available but you may want to check with the beauty supply places. They are really easy to use once you find the best way to control them. There isn't a difference between the way you use a Marcel or a conventional iron if you know the proper way to use them. Since most girls don't have any proper training, they pull the curling iron to the end of the hair and then wind it to the head. The proper way is to start at the root of the hair and as you rotate the iron toward you the hair will coil from the root to the end. Marcel irons are hard to use because they do not have a spring to keep the clamp tight against the barrel. You can get the same effect by using a conventional iron, you only have to rotate the iron a little faster because if you let the clamp sit on the hair to long it will cause a crease in the hair. Experiment when you have time, you will see what all you can do and have fun too.

    Source(s): Licensed cosmetologist
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    i am not sure.

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