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2 Architecture Qs... need serious opinions?

1) which university (in the US or UK) has a good reputation for teaching architecture well?

2) would studying architecture be good financially (IE does it pay well been an architect?)

also do you have any good advice about studying it and working as an architect

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    My dream was to be an architect. I wanted to run my own firm that worked with a client from designing their home on paper, selecting land for the project, to hiring sub-contractors and seeing the final landscaping done. My life didn't end up in that direction (yet anyway, who knows). But my opinion is that the best school for architecture, on the East coast is Virginia Tech. I took classes there for a year before transfering to Penn State to take Metalurgy and Structural Engineering. Do you wish to major in Architecture or Architectural Engineering ? The latter is harder but more rewarding because you can do more. With out the Engineering degree you are just a designer. I liked Penn State's Eng. school but if you can afford it Virginia Tech will be a great experience. And Blacksburg, VA is a way cool place. Everyone is down in that town. After you graduate, work for an architect in any town or city in the world. Jobs are available and well paying. Architects who work on their own and are successful make an average of 150K to 300K a year. I dont know if this sounds good to you but your'e crazy if it doesn't. Good Luck in your decision. And if you start going to school, DO NOT take a semester off like I did. It turned into 6 years real fast. Then I felt like an old man when I went back and ended up somewhere I didnt plan to be. Not that I would trade my family for anything in the world but, well you get the picture.

    I wish you the best

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