How should I handle this? And can bring us closer?

For a year and four months i've had a happy relationship everything has been going really well. But in the last week and a half she has not been communicating as much with me. i realize that she has been busy with work, stressed, and exhuasted. And i take on alot of stress from my job as well, but when I see her I forget ever propblem outside of us. I want to try to keep the communication between us strong. But to me seems like she is difting away. I don't want to be one sided in this nor do I want to be taken for granted. Numorous times She has mention to me that she wants to be with me in a marriage. I really go the distances for this person and can see myself being in a marriage one day with her

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    Tell her what you've just told us. If you bring it to her attention that she seems a little distracted and distant, then maybe she will be willing to meet you half way into figuring out what you two can do to relax when you get home. Although when you see her face, you forget about the stresses of the day it might not be that easy for her. It doesn't mean she loves you any less. She just handles her problems differently. But unfortunately, the stress is taking it's toll on her. I commend you for being understanding that she is busy and stressed with work. That can wear anyone down. But maybe it's time for you two to sit down and have a talk. Find ways to enjoy each other and relax when you both get home. When she comes home from work, how about having a nice hot bath waiting for her. Since you are too dealing with stress at work, I wouldn't recommend anything strenuous like clean the house, or cook a full course meal. Although, cooking something fast and easy might be a good idea to help her unwind. Or when she comes home, how about offering her a nice massage. Sit down with each other and discuss things that you two can do together. That way you won't have to focus on the stress that's wearing on your shoulders. Let her know how strongly you feel about her and that you are willing to try and make the relationship a more communicable and less stressful one.

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    He didn't simply flat out hit you. He acknowledged his curiosity in that, and you've got the choise of if that's for you or now not. Many persons like that type of play. Myself integrated. My man could be very tough with me, but it surely has under no circumstances been with out discution first, and if i ever desired it to quit it could instantly. THAT is NOT abuse. If you're scared of him, then its a problem that you simply must now not get into. But if its extra that you're scared however have an interest, speak to him approximately it, and recognize precisely what you're coming into and set your boundrys earlier than coming into it. You are the one man or woman that may investigate how a few one treats you and what's proper for you. But should you prefer to take a look at that given that of any curiosity, then that's now not abuse so long as he remains inside your boundries My man slaps me and that i like it. Anyone else could slap me, identification punch them within the face. I

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