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Whixh is best shampoo for stronger hair?

I have very oily hair ,and dry ends, I ahve tried many kidn of shampoos because i have problem with my scalp,After 5 times of washing with the same shampoo my scalp is full of small acne with hava water inside.I don`t know what to do,please can you recommend me a solucion and a good shampoo?I see now that my hair is becoming very thinn and no shien no volume!I affraid of this because my hair started to fall,to.Please help meee.Which shampoo to use(the name of the shampoo)?What after that shoudl I do.And all things that I should do for my ahir to have stronegr hair and healthy hair?


Sorry for the word Whixh I thougth to write Which

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    Garnier shampoo and conditioner

    at least they say it makes your hair stronger

    pantene makes my hair fall out but i guess it works on some people

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    pantene sleek and smooth

    see source for why

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