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When some one is dating, what happens during between a small talk and sex?

I feel like something is missing here! between small talk and sex.


For example:

1.) see a person you like.

2.) create a small talk.

3.) ?

4.) see if your interest in them, and see if they are interested in you too.

5.) ask them out.

6.) on a date, small talk again.

7.) ?

8.) possibly more dates with the same person.

9.) become friends may be.

10.) small talk again


12.) Home run, sex

13.) an intimate relationship begins.

It all about the communication thing, and again what happens between a small talk and sex? I am confused!!!!!

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    Yes there is something missing between small talk & sex - it's called "geting to know someone and developing a nurturing, caring relationship".

    What about trying to get to know them? I think lunch date is a good idea rather than an evening date - less pressure.

    Do something like a walk in the park, or go to the beach,

    When I met my husband we had some of our best dates walking in the park, feeding bread to the ducks. Those are the times that you can really get to know someone. Are there State Parks near where you live? Go to an Art Exhibit, or a gallery or a Museum, look in your local newspaper and see what is going on that is free.

    Whatever you do, dating is the time to find out the other person's morals and values, their likes and dislikes, hopes and dreams.

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    i think you moved too first on this date and that's why you feel like that.sometimes is better to take time after you date someone not going to sex issue so quick.

    improve your dating style

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