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A question about tone on guitar? What is it?

Ok, I'm trying to learn to play an electric guitar and I'm teaching myself from a book. (Guitars for Dummies) However, I still don't understand the concept of tone and why it's important and the tone knob on an electric guitar. If you guys could explain it to me and maybe even suggest listening to a certain song that articulates the concept of tone I would appreciate it. I hope that I asked this question in a clear manner so that someone might anwer it.

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    There are two meanings.

    When someone uses a phrase like "SRV had great tone' they are talking about the sheer feel that a guitarist achieves with a combination of equipment and skill and technique. This 'tone' can be dark, sweet, warm, powerful, raspy, etc.

    Amp settings and effects all combine at form part of 'tone', but two guitarists playing the same set-up will sound different - 'tone' is very personal.

    This is a good introduction:

    There is also a more technical definition.

    Using the 'tone' control on your guitar rolls off the treble response, giving a more mellow tone. Adjusting this control affects the sound very noticeably, but it still is quite recognisable as the same guitar. A good tone control selectively cuts treble while retaining vital midrange and rich harmonics. (Some amps accomplish this in different ways, and do not have a single tone control.)

    Hope that helps!

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    great answer above...

    Two different ideas completely.

    Tone control (knob) on a guitar is like the treble, (as compared to the middle and bass) control on your stereo.

    Guitar tone is the overall sound of the guitar. Another word may have been more descriptive, but this is the word being used. Takes into account ALL factors including the guitar wood, pickup windings, amplifier tube characteristics, speaker characteristics, etc.

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    well basically you will have volume ( obviously) and a control and when you turn it up there will be a lot of bass and if you turn it all the way down it will sound like theres a lot of treble..that will be the 2 pickups that you are switching between bass is neck treble will be bridge. i wouldnt have them all the way up though. just play about with it until it sounds will help if you are using a good amp though.

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