Any ideas on powering up a friends PC?

I'm trying to power up a buddy's PC.

MSI Neo4-F

Antec Power Supply

As far as I can tell the power supply is OK. If I short pin 16 (PS_on) to pin 15 (common) I get all my voltages just fine.

The power switch itself is fine. When I check voltage across the switch it's something like 1 volt (I'm thinking this should be the 3.3V I see on PS_ON). So I figure I'll check continuity between the switch pins and the power supply connector pins. One switch pin is fine to the common but the other pin reads high resistance going to (PS_on), on the power supply plug.

Am I correct in assuming the power switch is supposed to be tied directly to the (PS_on) of the power supply plug? I'm thinking the board has a bad feed but wanted some other opinions.

Am I being clear as mud?

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    you didn`t need to ask your question sounds like you hit the nail on the head lol

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