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does anyone know the coin trick revolution?

please tell me the secret and i will teach you some magic in return.. just tell me what trick you want to know

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    I don't know .. try : and put in the words: coin trick revolution . You will probably get a link with an answer to your question ! Good Luck! :)

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  • keetan
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    4 years ago

    the houdini hanky. Wrap a coin up in the midsection of a hankerchief or silk scarf with the aid of folding the headscarf over as quickly as two times and lower back so which you finally end up protecting the coin wrapped in a folded "tube". at the same time as protecting the coin in the cloth, bypass it around to human beings on the table to show the coin remains there with the aid of permitting them to "sense" it via the cloth. once you have performed that swirl your hand around the held coin in cloth chanting some mumbo jumbo as you enable the coin slip into your lap. Then shake the cloth open dramatically and hear the ooohs and ahs! you would be pissin' out unfastened ale suited away. prepare makes ideal. -Luv, Merlin

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