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Is it love?

i've been going to this dating website for a year and so has he. he's sent me two emails i haven't opened them yet and i don't think i will unless i see he doesn't come online anymore. namely, this person is my professor & he knows i know it's him.

i have my pride & dignity and I'm not going to open something that might lead into some form of manipulation. if he truly cared about me, he'd send me a private email, right?

(he knows i know 'cause i sent him a poem on the Valentine's which implied very subtly I knew his true identity.)

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    Don't get involved with him till you are out of school. You are only asking for trouble. If it is love or even strong LIKE it can wait.

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  • Cobra
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    True Love

    I feel you in my heart

    with every breath I take.

    I smell your scent of happiness

    in every morning we awake.

    I touch your smooth and tender face

    with every chance l get.

    The feeling of your presence

    makes me happy, we met.

    I know everything, but nothing about you

    and I love you in so many wonderful ways.

    My heart knows when you’re near me

    and it knows when you’re away.

    It doesn’t matter what you look like

    neither tall, short, skinny or fat.

    Your skin is soft without color

    and hair as smooth as a cat.

    My love for you will never change

    and you will always be on my mind.

    I wish you could see what I see

    from the heart of one who’s blind.

    By: Kenny P. aka-Cobra

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  • Anonymous
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    Women and their silly games....

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