What's the best practical joke you've ever pulled on someone?

When I was in college, we took an instructor's car (Geo Metro), put it on pallets, wrapped it in cardboard, shrink-wrapped it, and spray-painted "Return to Japan" on the side. Then we took a group picture in front of it, and put the picture in an envelope marked "Do not open until after graduation". It was sort of a tradition to play a practical joke on that particular instructor before graduation. It was also tradition to undo what you've done afterwards, of course.

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    LOL......I can so relate. It was always a tradition in high school for the senior class to pull pranks in school. Some we easily got away with. Others? Not so much.

    The most brilliant one came in the form of us generously baking chocolate brownies and putting them in the teacher's lounge on a beautiful silver platter for the teachers. Oh......did I mention we put chocolate Ex-Lax in the batter? yes..........yes yes yes. The only draw back.......this was NOT a prank were we ever found out the results. The fun came in just IMAGING what happened. *cough*

    The prank that did NOT work out? Uhm......letting three chickens loose in the library. They seriously freaked out. Uhm.......the chickens I mean. Not the librarians. They were running around (heads still intact even) and squawking like made and running and 'semi flying' onto the tables and in peoples hair and everyone was squealing and feathers were flying and kids were running and chasing them and well.............as comical as it sounds.......well the chickens all died. And well.......uhm....that was so not part of the plan. *sigh*

    The greasers of our class went a bit further. They actually poured purple paint on the asst. principal's car. Uhm......no shrink wrap. Right on the car. We all knew something was up when in between classes we saw the man storming out the side door with a look of panic on his face. I'm not sure if he was more upset about his car or his leisure suit being ruining as he desperately tried to wipe off the paint. *cough*

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  • 4 years ago

    I even have a number of that I even have the two performed, had performed on me, or seen. indexed decrease than are some: a million) rig a conveyable electric fence unit to the interior door handle. while they unencumber the door, or touch any area of the handle they are going to "experience it" (you will probably want an selection get admission to to the room to 'deactivate it' - it may additionally be a bad marvel so maximum suitable to no longer do it to somebody with a vulnerable heart - a low putting is truly helpful) 2) marmite smeared on a delicate bulb which you pass away on for some hours pass away a penetrating and intensely unsightly scent. A version of the scent trick is a sardine from a tin, placed in an out of how place. I even heard of somone pulling aside their pals vehicle dashboard and leaving a pair interior the air con ducts - very recommend! 3)Duct tape a showering up glove snugly over the exhaust pipe of a vehicle/4x4 - useful while it blows - very loud bang. 4) peanut butter on the windscreen wipers leaves a confusing to scrub oily smear everywhere in the windscreen - could be slightly risky so maximum suitable to do it on a wet day so as that they hit upon the prank formerly they hit the line. 5) unscrew the showerhead and insert a pair of barley sugars the nice and cozy water disolves the lollies and leaves the guy lined in a sticky residue. 6)Unscrew the pipe that leads from the lavatory cistern to the lavatory bowl - water everywhere. 7)Pull the pins from the hinges of their door jointly as its close. They turn the handle and push the door open and it falls flat - ca be distructive so maximum suitable to sparkling a course first.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Well, Chipmunk Dude, I haven't done anything that elaborate, but me and the supervisor at a shop I worked in used to play tricks on the Trainee, we asked her to get a tin of tartan paint and a left handed screwdriver amongst other things.

    Oh, did you know they've taken the word gullible out of the dictionary? ;)

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    1 decade ago

    my buddies and i redid all the wiring on our freinds car so when he turned it on the stereo blasted. take the car out of park and off went the alarm. hit the brake and the trunk opened. it was hilarious until we forgo thow to redo all the wiring....

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