does anybody do tiktik cash? I've got a question...?

Free offers...So, even though sometimes with 100% free offers it seems like I may be signing up for something that costs money, I am really not, because I never had to enter a credit card number, right? Please help. I don't want to get screwed over.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Some websites just try to harvest e-mails to put in their mailing list, then to send their newsletters with their commercial offers. Some websites want to have your mail address or your phone number in order to send you spams ... or to sell them to others companies. It don't have to be money. The 100% free offers are just pretext to get this information ... they may try to give away ebooks, samples ... whatever .... that is not a lost for them, their target is to have the authorization to send you their free newsletter (that contain their ads and affiliate links) and that you are in their mailing list or if it's an ebook, they put their ads and affiliate links inside ... because you may be a potential buyer. This is the catch, there's nothing free. Proposing something free is a marketing strategy that works.

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  • 4 years ago

    Liquid Swords - nine.five/10 - I'm ordinarilly repeating what I mentioned on Truly's query the opposite day. The album is excellent. Period. From the bright imagery Gza exerts by way of his verses, to the first-rate brotherly love, the album is begin to conclude high-quality. Not simplest that, however the dreary creation mixed with Gza's severe demeanor correlates flawlessly with the weighty field subject. Lyrically, arms down, essentially the most inventive solo album the Wu-Tang has to present. Paid In Full - eight/10 - At the time of it is free up, I might have given it a nine/10, however it is dated extraordinarily and has virtually no replay importance for me any longer. Rakim's go with the flow continues to be excellent to listen to each as soon as and a even as, however the functional lyrics and dreadful creation does not do something for me. Ready To DIe - eight/10 - I'm sorry, however there is simply an excessive amount of filler and virtually no substance. Yeah, Biggie has a sexy well go with the flow, however even that's not as mighty as men and women declare. Can any person, any individual, turn out to me that Biggie is an above usual rapper? Please? Because I simply do not see it. Honestly, I like few songs on it, however the album is overvalued.

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