What online magazines have a good design?

What online magazines have a good design. Similar to the layout of AskMen.com, Maxim.com, not necessarily the same content, I'm just looking for good designs.

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  • arbeit
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    1 decade ago
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    Check out Salon.com. They do a nice job.

    I looked at AskMen.com, and my first impression is that the design is far too cluttered and busy. And the ads are very in-your-face. It looks low-rent, and I wouldn't use it as a model.

    Maxim.com is better, mainly because it doesn't have so many tiny little objects on the page. The ads on the inside pages are obtrusive, though, and break up the design. It makes it hard to tell content from advertisement.

    Yeah, check out Salon. They do a better job than either of these guys.

    Source(s): www.salon.com
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  • You have ign.com, its mainly for games but it contains huge content for movies, shows, comics, babes, cars, music and so much more. It is layed out pretty well, ver very user friendly and very easy to use. You will basically find nearly everything you want there great online magazine beleive me.

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