How do I work a Little Giant Pump?

I just got a tabletop bowl with rocks in it and a Little Giant Pump (Cat. 567601/Model PSM-002). I have never had a tabletop fountain before and do not know how to use the pump. It is one piece (do I need a hose attachment to put in the water?) with a hole on top that looks like it would shoot water up (is this where I would put an attached hose if I needed one? or is this the whole pump & is it submersible?. The pump itself is all black but it has a blue slider button on one side with "+" and "-" marks on it - would this be to measure how high the water goes in the bowl? There is a tag by the end of the plug that says "do not run dry" - but until I get some more information I'm afraid to just put the pump in the water and turn it on - electricution? I went to the Little Giant Pump website but this pump is apparently outdated and they don't list it nor do they have any kind of information for someone like me who knows nothing about underwater pumps. Can someone help me? Thanks.


Thanks for your help...I tried it and it worked and I didn't get electricuted! One more questions you think that I can leave this outside or should it me inside only?

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    the pump is submersable, water intake is thru grating on the side, attach hose to outlet as you said and adjust flow with +/- slider, easy as pie- it is sealed so no elect azard, make sure pump is covered wuth at least 1/2" water

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    Little Giant Pumps Australia

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