How to manage my finances and educational obligations?

I'm having trouble trying to manage the amount of credit card debts I have accumulated as well as my school loans, commuting expenses, monthly/weekly/daily expenses as well as all those odds and ends in betwen. I'm having such a difficult time learning how to control my expeditures and use my money to the best of my ability....Does anyone have any suggestions? I have 3 credit cards, 1-$45.00(Limit $2500), 2-$2700(Limit $3000), 3-$1700(Limit $2500)...I have $30,000 in students loans too....What should I do? I've been picking up more hours at work and trying to economize on gas, meals and other expenses but I just came to spend the weekened with my friend at her University and I ended up spending $80.00 already on my credit card by going to Walmart and buying things and also by going to the pet store and investing in two brand new Robonovsky Hamsters, A breast cancer awareness tank and the neccesaries for me to keep them going till I get back home....Can anyone help me control my problem

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    Saving is the key, and i mean it!! Don't use the credit cards unless is extremely necessary and keep track of everything ( I do this all the time) is gonna help you to learn where you are expending the most and where do you really need to expend. I'm a college student and truth me it is really hard but not imposible. When one is in college it is important to buy what one NEED otherwise one might end up broke...Keep track of everything for a few weeks and then analyze what you did...where every coin went to... good luck!!

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    Well u have 30 k in student debt .. Use that as ur driving force to save . U said u are working and looking to see to add hrs thats grt .. .. track ur expenses every $$ u spend for a ,month or so and have some confidant look over it .. this will give u a clear picture between ur wants and needs .and areas u can cut . ur spending on hamster etc certainly is not a must have .

    also having so many credit cards is not going to help u control expenses . Things like a coffee at an expensive place can add up ..entertainment expenes as a student is a big chunk that ..

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