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who sings this song- ain't nuthin gonna break my stride?

Ain't nuthin gonna break my stride

nobody gonna slow me down

oh no, I got to keep on movin

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    Matthew Wilder

    The feel-good tune "Break My Stride" from 1984 made Matthew Wilder an overnight star. The native New Yorker got his start as a folk musician in the early '70s, strumming his guitar in Greenwich Village as half of a duo called Matthew & Peter. In 1978 he moved to Los Angeles to pursue his music career and eventually became a jingle singer, crooning on ads for Maxwell House and Honda and doing backup work for artists such as Rickie Lee Jones and Bette Midler. It wasn't until the radio-friendly "Break My Stride" (which was on his 1984 debut album, I Don't Speak the Language) that Wilder became a star in his own right. "It was a time when I was just trying to dig up as much perseverance as I could," Wilder told PEOPLE in 1984 about the inspiration for the Top 5-charting "Stride." "The song was a gift to myself. I didn't have the support of anyone in the business." But fame was fleeting and his follow-up album flunked. Content with working behind the scenes, Wilder is now an award-winning music producer. Wilder, who's married with two sons, spent the late 1980s and early '90s writing songs and doing production work.

    Break my stride

    Last night I had the strangest dream

    I sailed away to China, in a little rowboat to find ya

    And you said you had to get your laundry cleaned

    Didn't want no one to hold you, what does that mean?

    And you said...

    Ain't nothin' gonna break my stride

    Nobody's gonna slow me down, oh no

    I got to keep on moving

    Ain't nothin' gonna break my stride

    I'm running and I won't touch ground, oh no

    I got to keep on moving

    You're on the road and now you pray it lasts

    The road behind was rocky

    But now you're feeling cocky

    You look at me and then you see your past

    Is that the reason why you're running so fast?

    And she said...



    Never let another girl like you work me over

    Never let another girl like you drag me under

    If I meet another girl like you I will tell her

    Never want another girl like you have to say - oh!

    Chorus - one note up

    Repeat 'till fade}

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    matthew wilder

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