Help me start a non for profit organization!?

Hi. I am trying to start a non for profit organization but I have never started one before. Could you help me! What necessary paperworks do I have to do? Is it easy or hard? Oh by the way, I am only 21.

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    It depends on the type of non profit that you're trying to start. There are plenty of organization out there to help you in your pursuit. Just Google "Non profit start-up" and I think you'll find the help you're looking for. Good luck to you.

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  • tupaj
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    4 years ago

    i could advise you thoroughly study attainable companies for opportunities for volunteer and fiscal advice in the previous installation your person by way of fact installation your person will contain prompt expenditures which will drain extra or much less money that could bypass to assisting the vets. With desirable volunteer help and reckoning on the state, growing to be a non-income charity does not ought to be outrageously high priced, yet there is extremely some element artwork and you should make extremely some estimates of earnings and spending and then justify the variations that may contain financial effects of not completed genuine. A attorney who volunteers and then drops out might reason substantial time cut back and investment problems as became the case with a contemporary company i became in touch with. these days, it has replace into extra extreme priced to stick to to the IRS for exemption - it was exceptionally much loose - and the 1023 has pages and pages of required documents, a number of which could be skipped for extremely some the countless subclassifications of 501 exemptions. in actuality, what you should do is create a non-income company under state regulation (absurdly ordinary in Texas, lots messier in another states) assembly the standards for incorporators, trustees, officers, conferences, and reported purposes interior the incorporation document and by using-regulations. then you definately ought to tell the IRS why your activities justify the wide-unfold public (government) giving up taxation on your earnings - the best you do being enhanced by using not having that 20% or so taken away. Few human beings will donate income case you do not have the exemption the two by way of fact they are able to't take the donation off their taxes in the event that they itemize and because having the exemption means the bureauracracy took a careful seem at your organization and known it.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Find a good CPA. He will help you get it set up. Also, arrange to have him do your tax fillings for you.

    A good CPA will allow you to concentrate on the business of your corp and keep your tax standing clean.

    Make sure you understand your tax records because there are a lot of tax related decisions involved in running a corp.

    I suggest you use Quickbooks to keep track of your finances. Organize Quickbooks according to the reporting that your CPA requests.

    Good luck in your new enterprise.

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    1 decade ago

    okay it depends on what sort of non profit but here are some tips.

    1 have a community meeting an find members for your management committee treasurer chairman< this has to be done with a community meeting all members voted onto.

    register as a charity(put add in local paper)

    Also depending on your target group, you would need to find goverment policys for procedures etc.

    you will need to be incorperated etc.

    good luck but it is possible check out other organisations see hoow they did it.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I haven't the slightest idea where to start. The public library or the internet should have information on it for you. Good Luck! :)

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