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Do you think this is fair?

I will be turning 16 on valentines day, and everytime i mention getting my temps, my parents say no. I've always gotten good grades, A's and B's and i'm pretty responsible, a lot more than my 18 year old sister who just recently got hers. I'm guessing since they made her wait they want me to wait too? I don't think that's fair. She never got as good as grades as me, and is always losing things, meaning i'm more responsible than she is. I think i deserve to get my license a little sooner than her. I was willing to pay for the driving lessons, the costs of the tests, get a job and pay for my own car, but they still say no. Do you think that's fair? Some of my friends got to get it when they were 16 and just had a car handed to them, and STILL dont have a job. Can you give me some ideas to convince my parents I deserve to get my temps?

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    i can understand how u might be feeling about all this. but dear, u should listen to your parents too. its not just about grades, and money. they want you to be safer and more confidence.

    they just want your good. don't take is negative.

    its not that they don't believe in you or they dont' love you. but they care about you more. you're lucky. if you dont' like them caring about u, thats a different story.

    i also don't like what my parents say and do to me all the time but... the sad thing is they are right most of the times.

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    It might not be fair but who sets all the rules? Here it is you'll get your temps, and then what? Who is gonna pay for your driving lessons? Then most of all, who is gonna get you a car? Just be patient and follow thier rules

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    You are still their Little sweet daughter because you are younger than your sister ,so try to understand their feeling and believe they love you too much .Just be more patient you will see they help you to reach to all your wishes.

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  • You should be allowed to get it. If you are a good kid & make good grades & have proven that you can be trusted. Is there a grandparent or someone that you can have talk to your parents?

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    yes, its not fair

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