I need to help coming up with some good life scenarios?

Hello everyone,

I am trying to prepare for my research project and have to come up with ten one-sentence scenarios. These scenarios may involve witnessing criminal events, experiencing natural disasters, running into accidents (i.e. burning car or drowning person), or encountering potential harm to another (i.e. child / adult severely injured by another in a fight, etc.). It could be situations in which you encounter that you did not know how to respond.

I have came up with some scenarios, but it sounds a little shaky so I am asking for you help.

Ex: You're walking down the street and saw a couple arguing

intensely what would you do?

Thank you,

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    Not sure if this is what you're looking for, but these are all true things that have happened to me where I wasn't sure what to do and usually there wasn't much time to think about my decision.

    1. You're at the store and you see an adult hitting their child, what would you do?

    2. You're at the store and you see another person shoplift and walk out, what would you do?

    3. You're driving to an important appointment for which you're late, when you witness an auto accident, but if you stop you'll miss you're appointment and it will be a big problem, what would you do?

    4. You're walking down the street when you see a guy wielding an axe chasing another guy at full speed with intent to harm him; they're running toward you; what do you do?

    5. You're rear-ended by another car, doing minor damage to your own car; the other guy offers you a bunch of cash (more than enough to fix your car) if you don't call the police; what do you do?

    6. You're working in a retail store; the police come in and tell you be on the lookout for a violent criminal, if he shows up stall him and call the cops; he shows up but because he's dangerous you are afraid and don't really want to keep him around, you'd rather let him buy whatever and go away quickly; what do you do?

    7. You're working in a store by yourself; a customer shows up after hours offering cash; you could sell him the item, pocket the cash, and nobody would ever know; what do you do?

    8. You're driving down the freeway at 60 mph; directly in front of you is a pickup truck with a dog in the truck's back bed; the dog jumps out of the truck while it's moving at full speed; what do you do?

    9. You're living in an apartment; your downstairs neighbor with whom you are friends knocks on your door and wants you to hide a gun because the police are going to be at his apartment in about one minute; you can see them pulling into the driveway; what do you do?

    10. You're eating in a low-class restaurant; the guy at the table next to you comes and sits at your table and offers to sell you drugs; he puts the drugs right in front of you; before you can say "no thanks, just let me eat my lunch in peace" the police walk in the front door about 6 feet away and if they look in your direction it will look very bad because you have a bag of drugs right in front of you even though you've done nothing wrong; what do you do?

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  • Stacy
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    One incident that happened to me - You are waiting for a train and a parent kicks a crying toddler half way down an escalator.

    If you don't want to start from scratch I suggest doing a little research. Go to your school's library and look up psychology studies in social psychology. Play with the keywords. These questionnaires have been done in the past. If the researcher created the survey it should be in an appendix or if they used an existing survey it should be referenced. Also in the reference area of your library they should have an encyclopedia of tests and measurements. It is published every year or two. It lists all published tests and surveys by topic. The advantages to using a previously used survey method is you have reliability and validity statistics and it's easier than making one up. If the existing survey doesn't ask exactly what you are looking for it is okay to alter or add items to the survey just be sure that you cite the original to avoid plagiarism charges.

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  • Anonymous
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    watching a child being abducted

    what to do if you seen a child in a locked car with the windows up

    watching a robbery take place

    your at the movies and see a guy raping a woman

    Source(s): Good luck:)
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    While sitting in a classroom, the student behind you asks you to pass something to the guy in front of you. Not wanting to get "caught" turning around, you just reach back with your hand. You soon relized that he handed you an ounce of cocaine. What do you do next?

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