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How to avoid Acne?

How could I prevent new pimples from showing up? I was my face twice a day using Clearisil's daily faces wash.

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    Quit using the acne washes, it makes it worse. Try Oli of Olay face wash for sensitive skin. It leaves your face clean and soft. It is great for ppl who have breakouts, I use it, and I have used it for about 3 yrs. I sufferd with skin trouble for yrs till I found a good cleanser. Its oil free, soap free, and everything else.

    Next, use Mary Kay acne gel daily to prevent acne. My son uses it everyday and it keeps him clear as long as he uses it.

    I highly recommend this. My son and I both do this. It works!

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    Avoid Clearasil. Too harsh.

    Use Neutrogena's products. The On The Spot Treatment is less irritating.

    Also, drink lots of water.

    Buy somethiing called Evening Primrose Oil at local health food store. Should help clear up skin.

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    Cleaning is essential.

    Take a look at:

    There is a lot of good advice on there.

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    a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar every morning.... it tastes bad but it works GREAT

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