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Has anyone had a definite negative personal experience with this place?

From personal experience, has anyone felt like their "price has been artifically jacked up", or they have been "lied to" or "ripped off" by ProCare Automotive or Mr. Tire Automotive Center? Just curious. (I'm thinking about going there next time).

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    I stay away from those places after some loser wanted to charge my friend $1,800 to replace a power steering rack on a Ford Taurus to solve vibration issues. She needed 4 new tires and if a tire place cannot or does not want to diagnose tire problems - stay away like the plague.

    Take your car to dodge_man's shop if he's in your general area.

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    Due to the number of Les Schwab dealerships and the quality of tires they sell, I personally hesitate to try other dealers. The fact that pricing is an ongoing thing, it behooves you to realize, competition DOES have some good things about it. Gouging is a practice overtaking the country because of competition...

    Personal experience, I enter an oil change outfit with my oil and filter. Ask them to help, assume honesty and provided the material.... Invariably the filter is wrong and they install the one they say is right, which costs 3 times more.

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