I know my neighbors are here illegally from Spain. How do I report them?

My nieghbors that moved in about 2 years ago are here from Spain and own their own pinball machine store. I know they have lived in the states for about 10 years and seem to be very very wealthy.

The man that owns the store is the only one that works in the household, however he is managing to own 10 luxury cars, put two kids through college, and pay for plastic surgery for his wife.

Their store is open only two days a week, yet the man is never at home during the day, which arises suspicions of something illegally going on and that is where he gets all of his money.

Who do I need to contact about this? Homeland Security?

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    Look in the phone book under US Government - contact the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) - if they are, for example, in a cash business and not properly declaring their income, you could be entitled to a percentage reward if they are convicted and pay back taxes and penalties; and contact Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). However, please note: You did not say how you know that they are here illegally, and perhaps the man that owns the store is retired and runs the store as a hobby...

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    I have thousands of neighbors near me that are from other countries buying multi million dollar new condos! They only live here part time . They don't even drive , they have someone else take them places. I also hear that Bobby Brown is looking for a car, since Whitney left him here in Atlanta. Maybe your neighbor has one he could have , since his last request for a luxury car was turned down by a potential interviewing job. Poor guy!

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    You don't need to report them cause they probably won't be working in the fields like many illegals. Im of French/Greek decent and my brother was born in France and he is NOT an american citizen and doesn't even have any papers that say he can be in american...but my brother works for the US govt! Gringos don't care about anything except people speaking english well that is how they judge people.

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    ditto is correct, you should call ICE, especially if you suspect criminal activity. The tip is anonymous but you must provide as much info as possible, including how you know their legal(or illegal) status. The guy does soundl ike a drug lord, or maybe he has a prostitution ring. But whatever it is, it ain't pinball machines.

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    Why do you care? Could it be the man knows how to invest well? Perhaps had money before coming to the states?

    Do large groups of suspicious looking people meet at his home regularly? Are there regular deliveries of large amounts of chemicals and pesticides?

    Leave the people alone.

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    Always contact crimestoppers on

    0800 555 111

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    1 decade ago

    ICE has a 24-hour hotline for citizens to REPORT any suspicious activity.

    That number is 866 347-2423


    Call and complain!!!!!

    The toll free phone numbers to the

    US Capitol in Washington DC are:




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    mind your business no body is messing with you......when they come after you then thats when you call the cops or whom ever, you dont know nothing about them, for all you know they can be someone important thats from spain, never judge a book by its cover

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    Another jealous white person?

    oye rock on latino's <3

    Source(s): my own cubana self thx
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    Lady, if he is truly illegal and dealing in drugs, I would be very careful....These people don't fool around....If it gets back to him, that you snitched on him, he may seek harm to you or your family members....Think very hard, before you go around accusing people of breaking the law and dealing in drugs....

    Source(s): experience....
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