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I am looking for investment ideas?

I do not want to invest in stocks, bonds, etc.

I am looking for short-term investment ideas such as buying cars at an auction and selling them on the side of the road, etc...

I have about $100k to invest into something, or many things, and I can't come up with any good ideas that will give me a short term return on my money...

Let me know what kind of ideas you have... Thanks!!!

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    investing in coke (the kind you snort) offers very high short term returns. About 20 : 1.

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    Your grammar sounds lots extra like a intense college dropout than a school dropout. in case you boast a pair of small decrease fee costs of 40G by making use of the time you're 28, you're in no way humble and you're in no way mushy. The harshness aside, it's time to truly grab existence by making use of the balls. i might advise genuinely contributing on your decrease fee costs as much as a threat. It seems such as you have an incredible pension, so make a contribution the max to that such as you're doing. in case you have a 401(ok), make a contribution the max to that as you will see the utmost returns by that (using large tax advantages). in the experience that your business enterprise fits 401(ok) contributions, much extra valuable. which comprise your decrease fee costs, open up a private brokerage account (Schwab, constancy, E*commerce, etc.). this might enable you the skill to speculate in only approximately something, and you will a minimum of see a return, as a exchange of letting your crucial decrease fee costs lose fee to inflation by making use of "sitting". by your favourite brokerages' internet site, you will learn what to look for whilst making investments. The extra time you place into the technique of education right here, the extra valuable off you would be. i prefer to advise investment books which comprise "the climate of making an investment", between many others. particularly look on the comments once you're choosing which books to purchase, as those are necessary to verify you at the instant are not dropping a while. stunning now, the financial equipment is tough and you will not see extensive returns yet. however the decrease the financial equipment is going, the closer you would be to pulling the set off. All equities stunning now are at good purchase costs, using fact whilst the financial equipment kicks into kit, they're going to blast to the moon! BP is a sprint risky to me, using fact the present fee they are at already assumes that the oil wells are going to artwork. particularly a risky circulate, in spite of the fact that it ought to pay off huge time in case you recognize what you're doing. So right this is a precis a million) Get knowledgeable on the problem. this is a time eating container to understand, yet somewhat worthwhile. 2) Lose the urge for nutrition for "union mediocrity". you are able to truly grab your destiny, and it is large which you have an interest in discovering (that for the time of itself instruments you different than for many). 3) Open up a brokerage account, and learn each and every thing it takes formerly you definitely threat your cash. 4) have relaxing!

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  • 1 decade ago

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