did you gain weight after recovery of an ED?

I have been in recovery for a couple months and actualy eating more than enough, however I have not really gained weight (I want to keep growing and get my period)so I found this kind of odd. Obviously, I don't want to get fat because sadly that is still a fear that grips me but i would like to understand why my body has suddenly decided I should not gain weight, will this last or will I start gaining weight quickly soon?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Hi there....you may still not be eating enough to gain. Depending on how low weight you are, and what your symptoms look like, you may require up to 3500-4000 calories/day for weight gain. The other thing that may be happening is that your metabolism may be responding to an increase in calories and therefore it is beginning to work again. That's great, but you'll need to add more calories to compensate.

    I know it's a scary process. Hopefully you have a good treatment team to support you through all of this.

    Good luck in recovery!

    Source(s): ED Specialist
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