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How do i find the the size of my video card??

i tried checking in the Control Panel and stuff - but i can't find anything. The game i want to download needs a 64 MB video card.

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    If there is a video card already in the computer and you have Windows XP go to Start -----> Control Panel -----> Appearance and Themes (Category) or Display (Classic)

    ------> Display (if you have category on your screen) -----> Settings -----> Advanced -----> Choose either Adaptor or the video card on that screen and find out the settings . Hope this helps

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  • 4 years ago

    Video Card Size

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    Depends on what game you are playing, and what technologies the game demands. The reason why frame rates on PCs are so problematic is the fact that software designers have to make their code so robust that it runs on ALL hardware configurations. As opposed to console games, which all have the same hardware. On top of that, if your computer came with only 8mb of video ram, chances are the rest of your system is in the lower-middle end in terms of power, and you will need all of your components upgraded if you want to play the latest games at 60fps... which is a bit unrealistic in my opinion. (aim for 30 for PC games) With all that in mind, if I had to recommend a card, I would recommend any of the cards in the Nvidia GeForce 7000 series. They're all reasonably powerful for the buck - and I'm using them myself for the latest games on the market. (Medieval Total War II, 3000 individual 3d soldiers on the same screen, running at about 25-30fps with nearly maxed graphic options) But remember, if your application still slows down a bit, it's the rest of computer having difficulty keeping up. In the game mentioned earlier, 3000 individual soldiers needs a powerful processor to allow them to "think". All in all - just get a new comp. Less headaches. Spend about 1000 on a computer... get one with the best processor, ram, hard drive rpms (5400 will do, 7200 better), and an open PCI-Express slot without a nifty video card. (Comps with prepackaged "gaming" cards come with a whole slew of expensive stuff you don't need to pay for) That way you can buy any video card you want to suit your needs for cheap. But if all you want is 60fps on popgames (not the latest games)... and you are certain your processor/ram isn't the limiting factor, get something with 64mb of video memory. Runs about 40 bucks. Happy hunting.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Probably the easier way, select Start>All Programs>Accessories>Systems Tools>Systems Information. Once the System Information Loads up, Click on Components>Multimedia then Display. Your card should be listed in there under NAME. It should also list the "Adapter RAM".

    Good luck!

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  • well its quite complicated. first you right click my computer then you go to hardware and click on devise manager and open display adapters and click what droped.(it will probly be diff from ours) and you should find it there

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