Who is Captain J.O. Norton ?

I have a real Ivory Tusk that looks like it dates back to 1912 or so.

The tusk is 17.5 in long and has inscription on it. It was done by a Captain J.O. Norton and was a gift to a woman L.J.V . Also written : Remember Me when this you see. And has two hearts with there Initials in the middle . Also has a drawing of a women and on the other side a farm.

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    Apparently he was quite an ivory carver - see links below.

    "i recently recieved an ivory tusk. it has several markings on it and i would like to trace it back to the 'creator' or 'artist' of these carvings.

    on the tusk it has the name J.O.Norton on it. it also has a carving of a young woman and other initials in a heart reading L.J.V.

    it also has the saying or phrase 'remember me when this you see' on it in a 'banner' type format.

    if anyone knows who captain j.o.norton is please reply or if you have any notion or idea of who L.J.V may be. i think that she may have been his lover or sweetheart - hence the love heart.

    so far i have gathered the information that he was a captain of a boat. i would like to recieve some more information please.

    thank you"

    "Hello, I'm from spain, I have got a repro of a Walrus tusk, scrimshaw inscribed "Captain J.O.Norton" and a lovely mesagge "Remenber me when this you see", and a beautiful countryside (Bay, mountains, church, way), a woman with umbrella..., Please I woul like to Know How many cost this?, and also I pleased to Know the history of this tusk, and his captain. (Was he Vermont`s captain?), Where is actually the real tusk?, If you know something, answer me please. Sorry for my poor english, thank you very much from Spain. Ah I don't want to sell this, I only want to know more about this."

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    No doubt a repro, many of these tusks are being reproduced check out the New Bedford Whaling Museum and they will tell you

    Source(s): google
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