Was there ever an election in chicago, when someone lost because one voter didnt vote?

for a speech im preparing and it would be helpful to knw the answer bc this is my opening.

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    There was an election that caused someone to win because thousands of dead registered voters voted in Chicago.


    Nixon decided to graciously let it go as it would have "torn the nation apart" as the election had already been decided a month before. Nixon really won IL. giving him the electoral votes to be President, not Kennedy.

    Then there is Byron Low Tax Looper, yes his real name, who murdered his opponent. He lost 5500 to 147 to the mans Widow who had to be written in on the ballot. The 147 votes against were early absentee ballots that had already been cast. Sometimes writeins do win.

    Rep Austin J Murphy (D- Pennsylvania) was convicted when Democrat elections Auditor Sean Cavanagh, who was later excoriated by his own party for it, discovered a suspicious spike in absentee ballots. Murphy having retired was trying to get his wife elected. It was discovered that Murphys wifes name Eileen had been forged on all absentee ballots of patients in a pittsburg nursing home. Many of whom had already passed on.

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