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I am getting started in the jet ski world. I have ridden 1 jet ski 2 times and that was in FL. and I'm in Va. once i drove the jet ski, i IMMEDIATELY wanted one of my own!!! the jet ski belogs to a really nice neighbor of some of my step-family in FL.

i have a few questions that I would like to know the answers to.

~can a car haul a single jet ski with a single trailer?if so what kind of car(s)?

~what is the best kind of jet ski for a 14 y/o beginner jet ski driver?

~does anyone know of any places in southwest or around va that sell rental jet skis or regular jet skis in good+ condition cheap?

~is there anyone willing to sell their jet ski and allow low monthly payments?


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    are you talking about a stand up model or a sit down model ? either way you can tow with a car. where we live you must launch from the beach in the sand , so a four wheel drive is a must. we have found that the sea doo brand sit down (three seater) is best for just having fun. good to learn on easy to handle. try a rental first, most rental places use sea doo brand on the west coast. good luck and have fun, we love our three skiis. Terry

    Source(s): we have been ski owners for five years and know the learning curve is high at first, so take your time.
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