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You do know that when you listen to "Hate Radio"...that that doesn't mean your well informed, right?

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    Oh yes.. those kind of people realize it .. so after radio . they turn on Fox news for a "fair and balanced look" .. where the motto is "you decide" .. as though they had a brain. Good Luck! :)

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    Hate is so destructive. There is very little there that I would put it down as well informed. America used to be a great country that the rest of the world looks up to. Now, we degenerate to tuning into Hate Radio. What a sad state of affair.

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    +Where did Airhead America get their "talent"? That Seder and Randy "all over the" Roads are the most hate filled garbage on the air waves, barely! And Al Franken-furter is very close behind those two morons!

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    I don't listen to "Hate Radio." Their signal is too weak. And I don't want to get hooked on it cuz they're always about ready to go bankrupt. Maybe they should be soaking Soros for more funding so they can boost their wattage...

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  • They wouldnt know what to think for the day if they didnt listen though.

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    It's not about information, it's about hearing what you want to hear.

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