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If you saw Texas Chainsaw Massacre The Beginning then open this.?

Is it good? Is it better than the other chainsaw movie that came out in 2003? or is it just as good? Please tell me!

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    I saw it last night and it was alot like the one that came out in 2003, but more drawn out. It isnt THAT bad, but it definetly isnt as good. Its worth seeing for this Halloween though, there were a few good scenes and it answered alot of questions that were brought up in the 2003 remake.

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    I liked it and thought it was a good movie just to see. I like the TCM movies and this was good to see and just have a few little jumps and all. I think it's more gory then the 2003 remake but the 2003 remake was more suspenseful. This one is more fast paced and kinda funny at times. IMO I think it's one of the best horror movies I've seen in a while but that's just my opinon.

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    i didnt see it but it got a bomb in the paper which means it wasnt even 1 star... and ii think the 1st was at least 1 star

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