Looking for a good diet for a newly diagnosed chron's patient. What works to controll/limit inflamations?

I want to stop/control the amount of flare-ups.

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    Hello Fellow Crohns Friends,

    I have had Crohns for 25 years. There is no special diet. What one food causes a flare up for one; may not cause a flare up in you.

    I can not drink milk, but I can eat cheese, ice-cream, yogurt, and cottage cheese. I love pudding! All milk products. Makes no sense!

    Coffee and pizza send me running to the bathroom! Stress is another factor, that causes flare-up. Keep a journal and learn, what you can and can not eat.

    I had complications from a perforated bowel. My blood work show me as a starved Ethiopian. I recommend a GOOD!!! Multivitamin. Because your small intestinal track DOES NOT absorb the food the way it should. So, there for, your protein levels, potassium, calcium, and iron levels will be very low. Believe me! I found out the hard way!

    What helped me with flare ups was taking Primrose oil and an Vitamin E oil- natural, This helped me stay off prednision. Nasty drug!!!

    If you want to chat im me at skeeter98367

    I pray you dont end up like me!


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    1 decade ago

    There is a diet called the anit-inflammatory (AI) diet, it is new and still being researched. The idea is to eliminate all foods that can cause inflammation for about 2 weeks and then one by one start adding them back into your diet. When you start adding back the foods you want to do one food a week so you can see which foods may cause inflammation. Here is the lists of foods. I know it looks like everything is on this list, but it can be done. I helped with a research study where the people followed this diet for 6 weeks.


    Refined Sugar (and foods made with sugar)




    Cold Cuts

    Shell Fish






    Nightshade Vegetables:





    Citrus Fruits

    Processed Foods

    Artificial Sweeteners



    A couple tips:

    To sweeten foods yous Agave, it is like honey (which you cannot use) and tastes really good.

    Instead of milk you can use almond milk, or some types of rice milk.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    hi i have croh´s for eight months so i´m still learning, i advise you to ask your doctor (you should be followed regularly by one) but regarding food i cant eat

    chocolate, coffee, beef, pork, milk (however yoghurts on one ocasion or another don´t seem to cause problems), spicy condiments, greases, fibres (this includes a lot of vegetables) most fruits with exception to bananas, pear and apples (always peeled)

    avoid stress, this normally causes almost everyone´s stomach and bowell to get upset so in our case it gets worse

    when you get a bit worse with pain eat fish (low fat fish dont try tuna or salmon) and white meats like rabbit, turkey...

    hope you´ll get better, think of nice things when it hurts, the ones you love, listen to music, play videogames, sometimes somepain we can almost forget :)

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