I'd like to add a 2nd bathroom to my house. I would need to plumb an entire bathroom.?

The bathroom would be upstairs. The upstairs has a washer already there, and access to water. The bathroom would need to be on the other side of the room, and therefore piped either under the floor or in the walls. I'd need to put in a bath/shower, sink, and toilet. What are the labor and pipe supply costs for the plumbing alone?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    depending on what brand and quality of material. Around 500.00 to 600.00. Don't forget about sewer pipe and air vents as well as electric.

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  • L1M1J1
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    1 decade ago

    it all involves how complex the run would have to be, distance, cost of material, and the local labor market, inspections, etc, consult a reputable builder for prices.

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