what is the average age of students in a vet school?

im 18 and suppose to be a second year college pre vet student.we just moved here in the US from the philippines and when i tried enrolling to a college they said that i still need a year of rescidency to be a regular student and for me to qualify for loans or pay the international fee which i cant afford.im affraid that i might be too old when i finally get in a vet school.i cant wait to be a veterinarian which is my lifelong dream

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    i know in the US... that vet students are the same age as med students... medical students are about 25 or 26 when they go into their residency... and about 22 when they go into vet school

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  • leas
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    4 years ago

    There is not any typical. First off, you have got to move to institution, so that is four years correct there. If you're speakme approximately nearby airways, then you're going to see many 20-some thing 12 months historical Captains there. That's given that there was once a gigantic hiring wave at that degree (that's now over) after nine/eleven. So, many younger men obtained employed and grew to be Captains very speedily (lower than two years). If you imply on the Major Airline degree, good, that might take over twenty years and even perpetually relying on how historical you're while you get employed. You see most of the time older Captains on the 'legacy' US airways given that there were such a lot of furloughs over time. All the younger F/Os were furloughed and the entire younger Captains are again to being F/Os. In quick, you're going to grow to be a Captain whilst the airline demands you to be one. That might be an issue of months or many years.

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    The average age of the Veterinarian student is 26 years old

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  • 7 years ago

    I just turned 26 years old and I'm thinking about getting into vet school. Am I too old? My family think so but I don't want to give up on a dream. Any suggestions?

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