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Are there specific notes you have to tune your drumset to?

For example: Guitars and Basses have to be tuned to specific notes in order for it to sound good. Any idea if this applies with drums as well? Me and my father have been tuning our drumset (HB 12 piece Predator series, it has 2 bass drums, 4 toms, snare, and two floor toms. Do they all have to be tuned differently, and if so, how do you get them to sound good without using your "ear" (I don't have a drummers ear yet, this is why my question is probably dumb haha)?

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    after you play them its a good idea to because they get worn and if you dont no how u better get sum1 who does.

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    ok properly first, call them Toms, sounds extra proffesion.. 2d locate the sound you're in seek of for on your recommendations.. verify your drum heads are in descent difficulty... now connect your tuning rod to the drum rod and locate the sound u aquire at that one by making use of tapping the top stunning by making use of the rod.. then circulate around the finished drum doing that making particular they are all equivalent

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