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anime animated pics? hot Tenchi Muyo pics?

those pictures that are just like regular pics you can download, but they have a repeated motion, like the character doing something over and over again. Anyone know where I can get some of those anime pics?/ (including ones that would be censored out of the anime) For example, a partially nude Ryoko from Tenchi Muyo walking through a wall. I found 4 frames of it, but not an actual animation. Where can I find it, too?


where can I also find still frames or pics of all the *ahem* nude scenes that occurred throughout the OAV series?

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    I couldn't find anything animated, but you can look through these I guess.

    I looked thru pics of Ryoko too, but didn't find anything there either, sorry.

    Source(s): Tenchi rules. ^_^
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    Go for gold man i don't really know the link but if you go to yahoo and you search for otaku gif. or the anime name with the word gif. at the end but don't forget the "." (full stop)

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