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When you ask a question that insults yourself, how can someone else be offended by it? Can you be offended...?

by association?

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    I don't know if they can be offended, but they should have fun with it. You are neither ignorant nor stupid.

    But your questions can be.

    No offense intended.

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  • 1 decade ago

    even if you are insulting yourself, others can still be insulted. if you are black and make disparaging remarks about black people, other black people will probably get offended because you are insulting them too.

    you are not 100% unique, sorry to say. no matter what you say about yourself, there is someone else out there with the same situation or problem, and they may be offended if you are being insulting.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Well, people are human...human means emotional...and worse of all we live in a period of time of political correcitude (hah). All that aside...putting yourself down can be testing or trying to elicit a response or otherwise passive-aggressive. Like, if I were to say during a debate, I guess I'm just stupid. I'm trying to get the other person upset, feeling sorry for me, or to retract what he said, etc. Usually someone who puts down themselves is looking for the pity response back... "No,'re not stupid..don't say that about yourself..." OR they crave attention and need to be a clown that hits himself over the head (by putting themselves down).

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