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I get 0 results on yahoo search for the member directory. Doesn't matter what I type. I know matches exist

I am in Clearwater FL. I can get results at the office but not at home. I use bright house at home. I have thier antispam etc. I have talked to other brighthouse users who say they get the same results. I have been told that potentially yahoo is blocking traffic from brighthouse for some reason. Who do I contact to get this corrected? where do I go? I need to be able to do this as soon as possible

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    Not only do I not have brighthouse, I don't even know what it is and I can't get any returns from the member directory either. There seems to be a problem, maybe with the supplier of the program. Here may be the clue from Yahoo! help:

    Note: Some public profiles won't show up in a Member Directory search because the profile owner has not chosen to make the profile publically searchable.

    Try searching like this if you know the Yahoo! ID: (ID)

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