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When do dogs become protective?

I was just wondering at what age do most dogs become real protective of their owner, like in the sense that she would fight someone if she thought you were in danger. I have a 10 month old female pit and i was just wondering. I've never had a case were I need "protecting" I was just wondering if its a natural thing. I know she loves me cause she only listens to me and I must admit I treat her like a baby.

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    Well you should socialise your dog more often if you are afraid that she would get aggressive towards other people and animals..

    Dogs have a natural instinct to protect there family and friends when they feel that they are in danger so be carefull about not socialising your dog sometimes they could get the wrong idea, but if nothing harms you i dont think they she would do anything really..

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    I would think that it's a "built in nature" for animals to protect the ones that they love - and I would imagine that it would start as soon as the animal (dog) was out of the puppy stage - and at 10 months old it's almost out of puppy stage (I would think) so I'd think your dog would protect you now. But, don't provoke a fight just to see. That's good that you didn't turn your pit bull into one of those fighting dogs - I hate that when people do that to pit bulls-it just gives them a bad name and their really really sweet dogs to begin with. Good for you. You sound like a real animal lover.

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    i think it really just depends on the dog if they are going to be protective or not. i have a 4 year old pit and he isn't really protective. the only thing he doesn't like is if people start yelling or fighting. he's never been put into a situation to protect us.

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    She'll probably try to defend you now.

    She may not be very good at it, but the instinct is there.

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    Bout a year old thats about how old they know right from wrong.

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    usualy when they start the breeding stage thats when the hormones kick in and all there instincts fallow..

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    Im not sure but i think when she becomes an adult age

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