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what is the difference between Mutation and the Genetic drift??

can someone help me to know by a simple way, what is the difference between these two word literately and scientifically, because I didn't get what I want from encyclopedias!

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    teh diffrence is that one is changed in some way because of the surroundings and the other is experomentally

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    Mutations ensue (randomly) in the course of the time of the reproductive genetic-recombination technique of mating. even as a mutation is useful adequate to furnish someone a more suitable risk at surviving and passing on its genes, in simple terms so its progeny receiving the pricey mutation will do the similar. at very last, the gene might want to be spread to each and every and each and every of the members of a inhabitants. that's Genetic pick the flow. the great distinction is that Mutations ensue on the guy element, and Genetic pick the flow takes position on the inhabitants element.

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