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How much exercise is required for an adolescent?

I need the source from which you got your answer, please! (web address, book, ect...)


dude, I'm already on 3 different sports teams. I'm doing an essay and I need to know how much exercise an average adolescent needs in a day, or a week or whatever!

Update 2:

I'm not looking to stay fit, I'm already quite skinny.

Update 3:

I'm already on the soccer team, track team, and fencing team. turst me, I'm very fit. I need to know the information for an essay.

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    It depends on what your goal is.

    If you are looking to just stay healthy, 100% effort in gym class every day should be fine (and if no gym that day, just a 20-30 min. workout - like a jog or playing a recreational sport such as tennis).

    If you want to get in really good shape, joining a team is a good idea. Something like soccer, basketball or football would be great.

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    I would just include them in sports, on teams. That way they will grow up liking a fit and healthy lifestyle.

    Source(s): Just myself and my experiences
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    im an adolecent and i get 60 mins vigorous (soccer) and then walking around every day 7 days a week. exercise is so important and the more you do the better.

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    depends on your lifestyle. If you are active and eat healthily, you need less. If you are fat and lazy, you need to do more. simple.

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