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Since shrimp were unsafe to eat God didn't allow the Hebrews to eat it, is that right?

Humans eat shrimp today its safe. Why wouldn't God just give the Hebrews the plans for refridgeration, or fryars to fry the shrimp? Didn't God give plans on how to build the Temple of Solomon.

Shouldn't be that hard should it?

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    Was your head in the freezer? I'm hungry now!

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    "Humans eat shrimp today its safe" Says who?

    The methods by which seafood is caught are often devastating to other animals that aren’t targeted. Shrimp trawlers are especially guilty of wasting unwanted marine life: For every pound of shrimp caught, 4-10 pounds of bycatch are discarded worldwide. Longlining indiscriminately hooks seabirds, turtles and juvenile fish as well as the targeted fish. Even though Hawai‘i’s longlining industry has taken strong action to reduce the bycatch by adjusting the depths of the hooks, many other nations that longline, have no such regulations in place.

    Counts 66 to 78: The defendants, with the intent to defraud, introduced into interstate commerce shrimp that was misbranded in that its labeling failed to disclose that the shrimp was colored with sodium hydroxide. The labeling also failed to list the common or usual name for one of the ingredients from which the shrimp food was fabricated, namely sodium hydroxide, or designate such an ingredient as coloring. The shrimp was also misbranded in that its labeling falsely represented that the shrimp was from the United States when, in fact, it was from China--301(a) and 303(a)(2), 18 U.S.C. section 2.

    For many of us, shrimp got swallowed up in the news of mercury and PCBs in fish, with the safe and unsafe lists. If fish were dangerous, shrimp, as bottom-feeders, must be worse.

    Chemicals that are unsafe for use in shrimp ponds should be. banned, and only acceptable chemicals applied

    n related news, the US once again warned against antibiotic residues in shrimp products exported to the country. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) discovered Malachite Green in a consignment imported from Chinese Fujing Weilong Food Co. Ltd. The company has been ‘black listed’ by the FDA. Malachite green is a synthetic dye used to colour fabric and paper, but is also used to treat fungal and protozoal infections of fish and fish eggs.

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    Clean and unclean foods have nothing to do with bacteria. In a perfect world, the Garden of Eden, there is no death or killing. Because we no longer live in a perfect world, God allows us to kill and eat living creatures in *moderation.* No one knows why certain creatures are clean or unclean, but the point is to learn, and practice, self-restraint and moderation.

    Friday afternoon and Saturday is not a good time to ask Jewish questions. Orthodox Jews are the most knowledgable, but they don't use computers on the Sabbath.


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    What was given to the children of Israel concerning the eating (or avoidance) of certain foods were health laws. These were meant to help them avoid foods which were potentially bad. Pork was often infested with trichina, and since the Hebrews had no idea what a trichina worm was, God was merely looking out for them. More precisely, it was "scavengers" that God was telling them to avoid eating. Pigs crap where they eat and sleep. Why would you want to eat something that eats its own feces? Aquatic bottom-feeders likewise eat whatever floats down to them, be it dead fish or fish crap. Again, why would you want to eat something that eats filth?

    God did give the children of Israel refrigeration... He just waited until the 20th century when they had electricity. Everything has its season, my friend. But prior to refrigeration, He gave them the health laws to keep His obedient (wise) children safe and healthy.

    Want to see something interesting? Check out how much cholesterol is in shrimp. Compare that to a "clean" fish, like cod or salmon.

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    Some context were changed as time went by. For example, God's original intention was for us to dwell in the garden of Eden with Him, but because of sin things changed. As time went by rules changed.

    In the past it was illegal for cars to go faster than 40mph(i read that from a snapple bottle while eating at long john silvers) How about now? And God chastens us for our own good, while fathers do it sometimes for their own good. For example, some food were forbidden for our health's sake, but as time went by things got better and its not forbidden anymore.

    As for things like gay marriage, if even the worldly-wise people know that it's an illness of the hormones, what more God? Surely He knows and wont let it be! its for our own good! He doesnt want aids to spread any further!

    Are, You, Clear?

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    You seem like one who thinks outside of the box and do research before you speak or try to make a point

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