video game help!?

for those who have JUST CAUSE, please tell me all u can about all of it+the launguage!

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    Well, ok, video games. Where to start.

    Types of video games:

    FPS: first person shooter, you have a gun, you can see ur character and you go around and shoot stuff(halo, doom)

    TPS: third person shooter, you see ur character, you have a gun, and you go around and shoot stuff (lost planet for the xbox 360, coming out soon)

    RPG(not turned based): role playing game, you have a character with a certain level, and you have to do missions to get a level up and get new abilities...basically improve ur character until you cant anymore (ever quest)

    RPG(TB) Role playing game turn based, you have more then one character, you improve on all those characters and you take turns attacking the same enemy, then the enemy attacks you(final fantasy)

    Stealth: you need to sneak your way past enemies to complete the game (splinter cell)

    RTS: Real time strategy, the game runs on REAL TIME and you usually have an above outlook on this as you command armies (HALO WARS coming soon)

    SSG: standard strategy games, where you have an above outlook commanding armies (AVP extinction)

    Aventure: usually consists of puzzles and obsticles to accomplish (tomb raider, oddworld)


    noob: newbie

    no0b: you suck at video games get outta my face

    lag: when a video game goes super slow, or jerks around

    email me if you want to know more

    Source(s): my own experiance
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