What's the best way to find a job?

career sites or directly on the companies website?

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    Here are the steps that I found to work the best when looking for a (professional) job:

    FOR EVERYTHING BELOW, MAKE SURE THAT YOU ONLY PUT DOWN IN YOUR RESUME WHAT IS TRUE ABOUT YOU AND YOUR EXPERIENCES. Confident honesty always shows through during interviews - as does anything that is not true.

    1. Absolutely nail your resume first.

    Go onto the web and run searches for resumes that might be similar to yours AND resumes where people have already worked in roles that you want to work in. Copy any resume format that you like. Take bits and pieces from any style, font, layout, verbiage, etc that you think looks great and save them into Word documents. Use what you find to start framing up your own resume.

    2. Enhance your resume.

    Next go out on the web and search career sites for jobs that you would really like / you are qualified for. Copy down all the catch-phrases that people plug into their job openings. If everyone in your job market is "...seeking a dynamic leader who can act independently to solve problems" then make sure your resume starts with "Dynamic leader who acts independently to solve problems." Easy stuff that will help focus your resume on exactly what industry recruiters want. Once again, only put down what is true about you.

    3. Review your resume with peers / businesspeople you know.

    This can be painful to your ego, but it really helps. Hand over a paper copy and a red pen to anyone you know who might have the experience needed to give you some sound advice.

    4. Set up a good Cover Letter.

    Once again, there are plenty of good examples out there that Google can pull up. Feel free to steal shamelessly if you see a good one, but remember to always make your cover letters short and sweet.

    5. Start with the recruiters.

    Once you get the recruiters rolling, they will be hunting for jobs for you while you look for jobs yourself. Remeber that recruiters always have access to jobs that never get posted on sites.

    Do the normal Google searches for recruiters that specialize in your field, your job level and (often) in the city/region that you would like to work. Make a list of all recruitment companies, names of recruiters, phone numbers and email addresses. Then send introductory cover letters and your resume either by mail, email or via the recruiter site forms. Let them know that you will follow-up with them in 3 business days unless they call you first. Keep track of which recruiters you sent resumes to, any special instructions and when you need to call them.

    Look for job postings that match what you want OR are higher-level than what you want. These are usually offered by recruiters that may have other job openings that fit your bill.

    Oh, never pay a recruiter to find a job for you. This is a bit of a scam since most recruiters get paid by the employer (and paid well). There are exceptions, but I have never heard of anyone having a good experience with pre-paying a recruiter or advisor.

    6. Post your resume on the free career sites

    Unless you are specializing in a professional field, do not pay anyone to get your resume out there. Use Monster and the many other big sites to get your resume noticed.

    7. After all of this is done, then go straight to the company websites.

    Just be aware that if you have your resume on file at a company website, a recruiter will not be able to make money by introducing you to that company. It's an odd rule, but one that HR people use to determine if they are going to pay recruiters.

    8. If you are serious about finding a job, get at least 3 very good resumes out per day and do not miss a day. If you are going on vacation, then get 6 per day out the week before. Once you have a great resume and cover letter put together, you should feel confident about posting / sending / emailing your resume frequently.

    Hopefully this helps. In my (and my wife's) career changes, we found this to be an excellent way of lining up multiple opportunities. There is nothing better for your interviewing confidence and negotiating power than having multiple offers.

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  • JQT
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    Both career sites and companies web sites work as far as job searching.

    The biggest difference is that you might have greater chance of finding outdated (no longer available) jobs on career sites.

    Companies usually purchase job posting based on period of time 30, 60, 90 days etc. But hardly anyone bother to take posts down when jobs are being filled.

    Often time jobs on career sites are posted anonymously and sometime through recruiters. But if you do see a job posted by a company, then go to their site to see if the job is still there. If you find the same job on company site, then apply there rather than career site.

    Also keep in mind that niche sites could be better than generic sites. For example, www.dice.com works better for IT jobs than www.hotjobs.com.

    Another key for job searching online isn’t about web sites, but about the presentation of your resume. Keep in mind that so many people submit their resume online even when they are totally unqualified. The HR person on the other end has hundreds of resume to go through each day just to find 1-2 candidates that might be good enough. So if your resume doesn’t grab their attention in 2 seconds you are toasted. Make sure to clearly present the most relevant information as close to the beginning of your resume as you can. Otherwise, regardless of the site you use and number of time you submit, it is all a waste of time.

    One last thing about online submission: DO NOT submit your resume multiple times! Multiple submissions make you seem desperate.

    Best wishes.

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    Don't simply cell. Go to a potential paintings position in individual. Also, get dressed the way you might when you have been going to begin operating there correct while you stroll in. Be positive within the interview, and seem the interviewer within the eye.

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    After you find a possible job, you must learn how to get it.

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    fed-ex frieght drivers are walking off the job at the end of the month. they will be hiring!!

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