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Ok the what does these three magic words mean MOISTURIZING,TONING,CLEANSING??

And please can u explain them in order and explain whether is it OK for a 14 year old girl can Tone her skin with toners of active ingredients like the one L'oreal has made and also how 2 vanish those Smiling lines and fine lines under ur eyes and corner of the eyes THANKS!!

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    first you should cleanse with something not irritating since you're only 14..try the neutrogena line it's really mild. after you cleanse, dry you're face and a apply a cooling toner -clear pore is good, after you tone, moisturizeeee! thats the most important step because if you don't your skin will produce it's own oils and acne will form. don't use that l'oreal line you're talking about because it contains a lot of collegen fillerfor fine lines and wrinkles, and at 14 you def don't need all those chemicals.

    good luck!

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    YOU'RE 14!!! you dont need any of that stuff! youre beutiful!

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